GC Showcase Business
A fishing website specifically built for high income return

25K +GST

GoldCoastFishingClub.com.au is built for income.  It was originally started to promote Australian Tackle Company products on the Gold Coast and then started advertising which turned into Gold Coast Discounts.  It ended up making us so busy we had to shut it down. We've decided to rebuild it and sell it find out all about it below.   

GCFC a highly profitable website
Organic member attraction with a multitude of income abilities

Make income via memberships, fishing charters, fishing competitions, advertising, clothing, accessories, fishing tackle and much more. 

GCFC Advertising massive $$$ return
Evolved into the most powerful advertising Medias on the Gold Coast

A 20% off Car Repairs members discount turned into one of the most powerful advertising company's on the coast Gold Coast Discounts

Very low overheads
Complete online fishing business website ready to make $$$

A complete on-line website that costs almost nothing to maintain. You can start talking to fishing companies and make $$$ straight away

Elite Business operators
An Australian Business Project

Australian Business Projects knows business and it knows fishing; developing the world's first Braid-Mono Leaders, Wind-On Fishing Tackle and more via the Australian Tackle Company.

Worth more than a fishing boat.
Buy it now while the price is low

Now is the time to buy.  The more development build we put into the website the higher the sale price will rise.  This site is ready to build income and is cheaper than a fishing boat.  

Prepaid Advertising for 2 years
Valued at $3,300

Prepaid advertising, for 4 years to maintain solid growth and a high customer engagement for the new www.GoldCoastFishingClub.com.au
website owners.

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