Project Walk (Burleigh Heads) $175k+GST

Exceptional opportunity for personal trainers and or anyone looking for a career in health and or fitness.

One of the hottest new ABP Project releases for 2020 post COVID19, throughout Australia.  

Ideal for personal trainers; lose weight easy, improve mental health and get results, Walk Australia is the easiest, non gimmick, proven weight loss results and irrefutable life changing health benefits. 

Walk (Burleigh Heads) is a program so strong that you will see and feel results, or it gives clients their money back.


Walk (Burleigh Heads) Business Plugin built for;

  • safe income
  • service in demand
  • minimal start up expense
  • simplified operative
  • low overhead expenses
  • very profitable return
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Highly Profitable
A massive customer base of clientele

One of the best POST COVID19 Business opportunities for ANYONE that loves Health and Fitness with over $300,000 (you read it correctly) of FREE Advertising for the launch of Project Walk with a guaranteed delivery of customers for your first 3 years.

In Demand Business
People are moving toward better health solutions

COVID19 saw more people than ever appreciate their own health and Fitness opening an exceptional window of opportunity for the correct candidate to own Project Walk (Burleigh Heads).

Low Overheads
Why have a retail lease when you dont need one

Save tens of thousand dollars per year on unnecessary leasing terms to showcase your business and get your word out there. The Gold Coast Community, Consumer and Business Engagement Project turns over millions of dollars for Gold Coast business. 

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Elite Business Operator
Guaranteed by Australian Business Projects

This company knows what it is doing and how to build big business. They turnover millions of dollars for Gold Coast Business with elite business reference and they do not release a project unless it is tested and proven to RESULT.

3 Years Prepaid Advertising
Valued at $300,000

3 Years prepaid advertising valued at $300,000 to ensure business owner gets off to a great start and maintains a solid growth and customer engagement.

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Work your own hours
This business still enjoys their weekends

One of the few businesses that works the hours it wants to work and finding good staff is easy.

Project Walk (Burleigh Heads) is part of the Gold Coast Community, Consumer and Business Engagement Project and you get $300,000 (3 YEARS) worth of FREE advertising to solidly establish your business with a money back guarantee 

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